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Molly-Becky Lane's My Sweet Molly

Molly comes to us from my friend Linsey Fryer at Razorback Ridge Kennels.
She is a sweet and gentle girl and we Love her. She is 6 lbs and has CH Jan-shar's Wee Velvet Touch in her background.

DOB June 24 2010  weight approx 6 lbs click on picture for pedigree

Little Bit of Heaven McLeod- Little Bit

Little Bit is the first of our breeding. She is the daughter of Boobear and Gingo from their first litter. She is a lovely girl who is full of joy and grace. Little Bit  brings us lots of love. A gentle soul, a great mother and just a cuddlebug.

DOB Oct 5 2008  Weight apprx 5 lbs  Click on Picture for pedigree

Becky Lane's Lady Violet- Violet

Violet is a blue with White crest. She is a little shy. Our shrinking Violet.
But sit on the couch and she comes to cuddle.
Her lines include Tim Sue's Distant Lights, as well as Wee Hearts, Glen Iris, and Tip Top.
DOB October 19 2008  4.5 to 5 lbs

Click on Picture for Pedigree

Becky Lane's Gabriella Angelica- Gabbie

Gabbie is quite the talker.  I got her at about 5 months old and she was already named Gabbie.
I was asked by her breeder Rosemary Vines to keep the name. It fits.
She is a  cream sable.
Gabbie is a star and needs to be noticed. She sings out!
Her pedigree includes: Wee Hearts, CJ's

DOB December 3, 2008  5.5-6 lbs   Click on picture for pedigree

Becky Lane's Black N Tan Foxy Lady- Foxy

Our  Black and Tan is a sweet little thing. She is currently my smallest female.
She is the cutest black and tan you ever did see and just a love bug.
She has to sleep under the covers and inspect the counter for crumbs in the morning.
Her grandmother is Barbara's Dancing with Silver and her lines include Mitzi's, CJ's, Hazel's, Arcadian,and Celcius

DOB Feb 17, 2009  4 estimated weight  Click on Picture for pedigree

Caitlyn- Becky Lane's Caitlyn KTK
KtK as we call her is from Boobear and Yoda. 
Caitlyn is a sweet girl who is a little insistant on being spoiled.
She has a winning smile and loves to be loved on.

Born  April 16 2010   7 1/2 lbs        click on picture for Pedigree

Becky Lanes Legend of Athena
Athena is a tri parti out of Lady Di and our Wolfie. Athena is an excellent catcher.
She is not a morning dog and likes to sleep in. Athena is a daddy's girl.

August 12, 2010  weight 7 1/2 lbs  Click on picture for Pedigree

Noel is a sweet lovely girl who is a gentle mom and quite a sweet soul. Noel was bred here and is a little lovebug.

Coco  Coco is such a darling.. she is the life of the party and loves to play. cocoa loves to cuddle too.

Lena - Star Haven as the Crow Flies. Darlene Prudden has given me
this sweet Girl who has made a home here. She and I both being homebodies have
bonded and she  is my constant companion. Thank you Darlene !

Skye 5/29/2013  Skye is a daughter of Lena and Inky Binky who is owned by Darlene Prudden.
skye was bred by darlene but born here.

Akira 12/2/2014 Akira is out of Skye and Wolfie.