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Becky Lane's Star in Wolf's Clothing - Wolfie

Wolfie is a gentle and mischiveous soul. He is brother to Foxy. He is a bit shy and skittish at first but once he knows you loves attention.

Wolfie has Barbara's Dancing with Silver as his grandad. His pedigree included many fine lines including Arcadian,Sweethearts and Mercer's

  weight  4.5    Click on picture for pedigree

Becky Lane's Lucky as They Come-- Lucky

Lucky is bred here and started me on my show career. He is the product of Di and Smokey and came out such a sweet baby I had to keep him.

He had his first B Match and did very well. He got ribbons Winners Dog, Best of Breed and 4th in the Toy Group.

DOB 1/20/2010    6 lbs

Becky Lane's Yoda's Wisdom and Grace- Yoda

Yoda is about as laid back as a pom Gets. He is Sam's garden dog and best friend. He is always smiling.

  6 1/2 lbs      Click on picture for pedigree

Trekker- Pruden's the Trouble with Tribbles at Becky Lane
Thank you Darlene for trusting me with your darling. Trekker loves to show and Travel.

Hershey- 3/24/2015
Hershey is out of Violet and Gingo. Hopefully starting his show career. Hershey is a lovely dark chocolate
and a real loving personality.

Cody-10/24/2015 Cody is out of Trekker and Caitlyn.
He is something special and he knows it.

Bryce- Dynamite in a small Package...he likes to run the place.

Shaggy Dog
- Shaggy is a wolf Sable with black and tan
Genetic Wolf sable aw/ay and the Start of my program
out of Happy and Athena. I still have work to do getting the Color and conformation where I want it
but its a start.

Finn- a show hopeful out of Cocoa and Cody

Amos- Show Hopeful out of  Akira and Yoda
just comung out of Uglies