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Puppies are available to go to their new homes at around 10-12 weeks.
I will take a holding fee to hold the puppy of your choice until then.

Prices are set at the beginning based on color and parents...I evaluate
them at eight to nine weeks and prices may change at that time based
on conformation.

If major faults are detected earlier prices will be adjusted accordingly.
If you have already put down a Holding fee on a puppy...You will not be
charged more; but I may adjust price down.

 Holding Fees are non refundable if you do not complete the sale.
A puppy I have held for you for weeks will not usually fetch
the price it did at 4-8 weeks. If I can resell it for the same
price I will refund minus expenses etc. If I cannot deliver the puppy
due to the puppy being ill or having issues; money will be refunded
or applied to another puppy. (your choice)

I will no longer be shipping puppies. You are free to come and see them at my home
or we can make arrangements to meet. The new law does not allow you to ship
if you have more than four breedable females unless you have a USDA license.
The puppies have to be purchased in person. by you or your agent.
USDA Licensing would mean the puppies could not be raised inside the home without
extensive rennovation.

Please feel free to call or email me for any questions. .

General pricing Guidelines.

Puppies from birth to 16 weeks are generally priced about 800-1800 depending on the quality at birth and quality of the parents.
I evaluate the puppies at 8-10 weeks as their potential in the Show ring and general quality.

Pet Quality puppies generally sell for about 600-1000. These are puppies that may have a fault or are of a size that they would not be a good show dog. it may be temperment (shy or hyper) or coat or body size or coloring. For instance a white sock on a solid colored dog is a fault.

Breeding Quality this is a dog that while he or she is not a good canidate for showing could easily breed nice quality dogs. Breeding quality tends to go for between 800-1500 for a female and 800-1200 for a male depending on quality.

Show Quality at 8-10 weeks you can tell a bit but it is not a sure thing. you can tell it has a good bite and that it has a good stance and markings and is put together well. at this point you can see potential. There are no guarantees.

Show Prospect males are generally priced 1000 up and females 1200 up.

When they reach about 6 months then one can tell and say this dog should finish- that they are at this time show quality males are usually priced 1000 and up and females 1500 and up and come with a guarentee that they are finishable if show by a handler or someone who is experienced.

I often have older dogs that are looking for good homes these dogs are available for a very reasonable price. They are dogs I decided not to show or breed but I may have kept for that purpose. They may be dogs that I am retiring from breeding. these may go for 0-600. depending on the home and the dog. they often come with a limited AKC papers that means they cannot be shown or bred (puppies are not registerable) or they may come with a spay or neuter contract.

I am happy to answer any questions as to why and temperment. Prices are not set in stone.

Contact me
Suni Mcleod
501- 940-2766    Please don't call after 7:30pm CST but anytime after 6 am is fine.

or email